You want to create a relationship with your email list but...


⇰ You don’t know what to send to them.

⇰ You find it takes way too long and you don't have the time.

⇰ You think you're not a "good writer".

⇰ Your emails don't get opened anyway.


Break Through Your Barriers

We created this tutorial because we know that when you learn to write great emails your readers will look forward to hearing from you, know more about you, and learn to trust you.

Write great emails that actually help your business break through  barriers and compete in the inbox!


  • Learn the different types of emails, why and when to use them.  
  • Master the simple formula to write any email.
  • Get tips from the Pros for writing successful emails.

Plus downloads, guides and templates for you to use every time you build a new email!


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How long should my emails be?  Proper layout for best readability? 
Mastering the “Call to Action”.

What should I send?

Use our template to create your very own LIFE CHANGING editorial calendar or learn to create your own.

Simple Formula

Learn the different types of emails and how often to send them.


"Susan opened my mind to new ways to connect with my clients and potential new clients. "

Ilhiana Rojas
Belive Coaching

When you commit to sending quality content regularly to your subscribers, you will notice a huge growth in engagement and business opportunities.


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