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Social Media Success

With Susan Finn and Margo Crawford

I'm ready to take control of my social media!

Spending too much time on social media with no results?

Getting lost in the ever-changing world of Social Media is a common problem. 

Lack of understanding and not having a clear plan is crushing your chances of gaining the right followers. 

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Managing your social media marketing can seem overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be!


Ways to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms to grow your business with integrity.


How to create twenty pieces of content in less than one hour. 


Tools to help you be targeted with your time and energy.

Time for Social Media Success

Do you struggle to manage time on social media?  Are you wondering which digital activities will bring you the highest ROI?

Join Susan and Margo to learn tips for your success.

  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Manage your social media activities
  • Communicate with purpose, integrity, and ease


In this 2-Hour Webinar, you will learn:

Ways to use popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your business.

  • Business Pages
  • Personal Branding
  • Groups
  • Ads

Tools to help you be targeted with your time.

  • Batching Content
  • Content Calendar
  • Scheduling Apps
  • Spreadsheet Tools
  • Measure Goals and Results

Your Actionable Takeaways:

  • Twenty pieces of content you can create in less than one hour
  • How to “Get In, Get OUT” of social media
  • Trackable key insights and analytics

Margo and Susan offer a variety of strategies to keep your time on social media well spent and under control to bring you the best results.

Meet Susan and Margo

Susan Finn - Digital Marketing Strategist, Rise Above Noise   

I rescue heart-centered entrepreneurs from the chaos and energy drain they may experience around digital marketing.

 “Rise Above Noise” is a 5-pillar system to guide you with what it takes to show up consistently and authentically in order to stand out with integrity in a noisy digital world.


Margo Crawford - Productivity Coach, Wave Productivity

Margo Crawford is a master at helping her clients create a thriving workspace and sparking immediate action with her audiences. Her presentations are packed with how-to’s, humor and inspiration – leaving people feeling motivated to become more productive, organized, and empowered.

People walk out of her workshops, conferences, and coaching sessions feeling that they have a sharper focus, better tools, and a clearer direction on work and life.

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Stop spending too much time on your social media. Learn how to quickly create branded content that converts. Communicate with purpose, integrity, and ease.

Stay in Control of Your Online Presence. 

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