The Right Message
Attracts More of the Right Clients

Finding Your "Hell Yeah!" Value Proposition


Thursday 2/23 12 PM ET
Monday  2/27  12 PM ET 

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to say to your audience that will instantly communicate how you're different, what your unique value is, and inspires them to say YES.

Discover the missing piece that will make your message resonate, attract, and trigger their desire to say YES! 

In this fun-filled and informative workshop, you will learn how to talk about your business in a way that:

  • Makes you stand out from the crowd no matter how much competition you have.
  • Instantly and clearly make them see your true value so you don't feel like youre trying to convince them.
  • Sets you up as the clear and obvious choice in a way that is 100% authentic to who you are. 
  • Allows you to ‘show up’ (market) with an ease and flow that helps you grow your business with consistency and in alignment with your gifts.

Limited to 10 participants

Don’t waste money marketing the
wrong message…
Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to say to your audience that would instantly communicate how you're different, what your unique value is, and inspires them to say YES.

What would you need to say to them to make this happen?

In this 2-part, interactive workshop, Susan and Michael will break it down for you. Well show you what you need to be saying to your audience that will position your business the right way.

How? There's a very specific way our neurology is set up to make this happen.

When you know how it works your communication becomes more effective and your sales become a lot easier.

 Day 1- Learning

Part 1: Learn how your customer's brain is set up to feel resonance and attraction to your offer. 

Part 2: Identify the two specific elements of communication your audience needs to hear before they will say "yes" to working with you


Day 2 - Taking Action.

Part 1: An interactive and collaborative working session where we put the learning into action as Michael guides you through a discovery process that will reveal your unique and powerful brand message.

Part 2: Make your plan to implement your message into your marketing, networking, and sales calls


Your Presenters

 Michael Liebowitz

Messaging and Value Articulation Expert
Magnetic Mind Studio

 It’s harder to grow your business when people don’t understand what makes you so valuable.

Michael Liebowitz fixes that.
His mission: to transform how business owners, marketers, and sales teams communicate with their audience to make deeper connections with their audience.

Michael is the founder of Magnetic Mind Studio, a laboratory for clear messaging and deeply felt value
articulation created from his passion for understanding how the human mind works to drive our decisions.
By combining his expertise in communication and behavioral neurology, Michael has a track record of 2x-5x his client's business with powerful messaging strategies that target how people feel attraction and the desire to buy.

"Wow! I wish I had attended Michael's workshop 20 years ago. At least I was able to attend before a rebrand I am doing, phew! This was the most insightful 90 minutes I have spent. I feel much more clear and aligned and enthusiastic about how to present my services than ever before."
Janet Shieferdecker, Choice Point Leadership

Susan Finn

Digital Marketing Strategist
Rise Above Noise

Transformation creators lean on Susan to help them feel calm and in control as they "show up" (that's marketing, after all). 

Susan believes that when you "DO" marketing, you reach people.

When you reach people - you create change.

It's really as simple as that. 

The Rise Above Noise Signature System© allows you to show up for those who are already searching for you.

Marketing becomes an act of service. Service-based professionals who are ready to scale their businesses are guided to find joy, flow, and ease in their marketing so that they increase profits, save time, and protect their energy.

"When you're an entrepreneur, starting your venture, you're trying desperately to scale up your little business. Nobody offers you nurturing. Right? So what Susan does is to deeply listen to you & what you're trying to do. She asks incredibly insightful questions & matches you to a solution. Then, you can move forward with confidence & ease.
Liana Cassar, Care Economy Strategy & Operations Consultant