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Having an interested and qualified list of contacts that you can stay top of mind with, is vital to your business.

In this free “12 Ways to Grow Your List” tutorial, I offer a variety of effective strategies to capture new contacts and to build relationships with your subscribers so you can see the real business results that you deserve.


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"When you're an entrepreneur, starting your venture, you're trying desperately to scale up your little business. Nobody offers you nurturing. Right? And so what Susan does is to deeply listen to you and what you're trying to do. She asks incredibly insightful questions and then matches you to a solution. Then, you can move forward with confidence and ease."

Liana Cassar
Care Economy Strategy & Operations Consultant

"I loved your patience, attentiveness, and willingness to explore options with me. You were generous with your time, knowledge, and recommendations. You made me feel comfortable and at ease with a topic that had caused me great stress (technology)!"

Joan Eaton
Intuitive Guide

"Susan is the "go-to" expert in the email marketing field. She is warm, compassionate, patient, and amazing to work with. Whether you work with her on one-on or participate in one of her many workshops you will leave with what you need. She is approachable and one of the best professionals you can have to support you! "

Lisa Dahl
Lisa Dahl Wellness

"When the task felt so big and so beyond my control, I decided to bring Susan in, because she's an absolute delight and an expert. She was able to give me so much clarity to create the email sequence and put everything in order so that we could make that happen and get my message out to my clients, which is ultimately what I needed to do. I just didn't know how to go about it. "

Alysha St. Germain Heidke
Hello Pearl Interiors

"I joined the program because I had been feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing. There are so many mixed messages out there about what to do and what not to do. I was lacking momentum and feeling snowed under trying to keep up with social media etc. I enjoyed the accountability and check-ins with my partner. We were a really good fit and were able to help each other out in unexpected ways. I no longer feel frantic because I have systems in place and chunk marketing activities together. I’m not getting sucked into social media when I want to post in groups because I have a plan in place. I have a better understanding of what to focus on and improve for my messaging."

Devon Grilly
Coach on Fire

"I appreciated your patience and kindness, pushing when needed. It keeps me focused on the tasks I need to get done. My results from the group were: Staying focused, keeping a list of the 3 priorities of the day, and overcoming perfection paralysis. I can move forward now with my email marketing, Facebook posts, and following up on networking contacts."

Jodie Rosen
Preserver of Memories - Pages-2-Remember

"The guidance you provide always seems to be special advice just for me. The group relationship was very supportive. I enjoyed sharing each others' successes and challenges as we grow and look for support from each other. I was able to take the baby steps to apply what I learned to be able to reach more clients and team members."

Wendy Juergens
Wellness Consultant


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More's what your business needs.
Isn't it time to stop the push?
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