Create Your Welcome Email Series:
Attract and Delight New Subscribers.

In this course, you will create your: 

  • Lead Generator

  • Clear Messaging Plan

  • Sign Up Form

  • 5-Part Automated Welcome Sequence 

You can finally get it done! 


Online course:

6 Modules

Accountability Prompts

Bonus Resources and Tutorials

1 Hour Private Consultation


Three 60-minute group working sessions 

Live sessions begin July 2021.

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What's It All Mean?

Lead Generator:

a free piece of content that you give away to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

Sign Up Form:

used to collect email addresses from leads and potential customers. These forms can be embedded on a web page or as a stand-alone landing page. This is where a visitor will enter their email address in a form field to be added to your list. 

Clear Messaging Plan:

this is the key component to attracting your ideal client.
Identify your "why". Clearly express your 'mission'. Create content copy that communicates with intent and purpose.

Automated Welcome Sequence:

when you do it well, a welcome email series is your best opportunity to say hello and turn leads into customers. The open rates and click-through rates of your welcome email are going to be the highest you get on any email campaign. We will create 3-5 emails as part of your welcome series. This is a powerful way for you to start to build trust with your new contacts and help you to nurture your relationship with them.

Do it well - and... it's

This workshop series is designed to give you the:

  • time

  • focus

  • strategies

  • steps

  • support

to finally get that automated welcome sequence set up to grow and nurture your contact list. 

Susan Finn

Digital Marketing Strategist
Rise Above Noise

Susan's "Big Idea" is:
"If you can be seen, you can change the world".

Susan guides heart-centered entrepreneurs to save time, protect their energy, show up with consistency in online channels to grow their business past 'word of mouth'. She believes that marketing with a sharing mindset allows you to follow the plan in a way that feels natural and generous.

The Rise Above Noise Signature System allows you to show up for those who are already searching for you.

You can finally get it done! 


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