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The Lost Art of Love Letters

My Dear Friend,

As I sit down at the desk to write to you, the sun is just beginning its ascent over the embankment. The light filters through the autumn leaves creating sprinkles of orange and yellow throughout the room. I think of you......
OK....this is not exactly the love letter I'm talking about today.... but, then again....maybe it is.
I am thinking of you.
It is likely that you have some resistance to creating marketing content.
Lately, you've said, at least once, "I just don't know what to post".
You've probably also said, "Ugh - I don't want to feel 'selly'"
My friend,
I get it.
It can be hard as a solo-professional to do allll the things in order to show up, grow an audience, engage new clients - and still feel in your integrity.
But.... what if your content creation was like writing a love-letter?
What if you were to make a weekly commitment to addressing one issue you KNOW your ideal client is struggling with?
What if you showed up (blog, email, social) with exactly the answer she is looking for today?
I invite you to sit down today and write a love letter to that one person who you serve. What is she worried about? How does she feel? What does she fear? What does she want? How can you guide her to her own success?
Share that love letter on your blog. Then, share the nuggets over your socials and in your weekly email.
This is a commitment to consistent content that feels generous, valuable, and based in your own integrity.
What do you think?
Can you make this weekly commitment to show up for the people who are already - right now - looking for you?
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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